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Construction Regulations

The following regulations are to be strictly adhered to and enforced by all Contractors performing work in Franklin Tower.

  1. Prior to commencement of the bid process the Contractor should become familiar with the Rules and Regulations herein.  The Rules and Regulations make specific reference to the procedures to be followed with respect to all construction to be performed.  The Contractor is responsible for compliance with the requirements of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction, procurement of all permits (Including Certificate of Occupancy) and permission and payment of all fees and charges relating thereto except for the initial Building Permit, which shall be the responsibility of the Owner.  The Owner shall be provided with a Certificate of Insurance prior to any work starting.
  2. All work shall be performed in accordance with working drawings and specifications as approved by the Owner in writing.  No changes to such drawings and specifications including any changes required by the City or other governmental authorities having jurisdiction are permitted without the written approval of the Owner.  All Contractors, their employees, and subcontractors are subject to the provisions contained herein.  In addition, prior to customer's move-in, the Contractor shall have provided the Owner with a copy of all City and other governmental Permits required to be obtained prior to occupancy of the Leases Premises.
  3. Subject to the terms of the Contract, Rules and Regulations contained herein and such other reasonable conditions as may be imposed by the Owner from time to time, customers and their designers, engineers, suppliers, Contractors and subcontractors shall be allowed reasonable access to and not-exclusive use of the Lease Premises for the purpose of performance and inspection of work.  The Contractor and its subcontractors shall cooperate with the Owner and the Customer and their Contractors who require access to and use of the Leased Premises in order to undertake any work that is required to be undertakes contemporaneously with or subsequent to completion of Contractor's Work.
  4. The Contractor and his subcontractors shall fully familiarize themselves with the actual site conditions of the area where work is to be performed prior to commencement of the bidding procedure as such site conditions may from time to time vary from the conditions shown in the drawings and other information supplied to Contractor by the Owner.  The Owner shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by contractor as a result of any such variances.
  5. The Contractor and subcontractors shall employ for the performance of the work, workmen who do not conflict with labor union affiliations of workmen employed by the Landlord and its Contractors and subcontractors (Meritshop).  Should the performance of Customer's Work result in any conflict with any union to which any workmen employed by the Landlord or its Contractors and subcontractors belong, then notwithstanding responsibility for cause of such conflict, the Contractor shall immediately upon notice by the Landlord have removed from the building such of their subcontractors
  6. All Contractor's work shall be of the highest quality, performed by persons trained and skilled in their respective trade and with materials which are new and the best of their respective kinds, and shall be performed in accordance with applicable Building Codes and Regulations.
  7. On or about completion of the work, customers' designers shall perform a final inspection of the same and shall prepare a punchlist.  The Contractor shall use due diligence to complete the punchlist as soon as possible.

Performance of the Work

  1. The Contractor shall ensure that their employees and subcontractors protect the Building against damage resulting from the performance of work and transportation of materials to Leased Premises.  Transportation of all materials in or out of the Building shall be by means of rubber wheeled dollies, carts or like vehicles, so as not to cut; mark or otherwise damage the floors and carpet of the Building.  Plastic wheels are not an acceptable substitute.
  2. No wooden or metal pallets or skids permitted within the Building, except at designated loading docks.
  3. The Contractor shall provide whatever protection is required (masonite boards taped at the seams) to adequately protect carpets and stone in and about Leased Premises, the corridors, and elevators from damage and marking.
  4. The Contractor shall ensure that their employees and subcontractors adequately protect Owner's blinds during the performance of work by means of clean plastic cover sheets or such other means acceptable to the Owner.  Cleaning or replacement of blinds marked or damaged during the performance of work shall be undertaken by the Owner to the extent it deems necessary all at the Contractor's expense.
  5. The Contractor shall keep all work areas, both within and about the Leased Premises clean and tidy at all times, removing all rubbish and debris promptly as it occurs.  No scrap piles shall be left to accumulate.  All rubbish or debris found outside areas designated for the same shall be removed and disposed of at Contractor's cost.  Upon completion of the work, the Contractor shall promptly remove all rubbish, tools, equipment and surplus materials from and about the Leased Premises and shall leave such premises clean and in good condition to the satisfaction of the Owner.  Any cleaning of the Building, repairs of damage to the Building and Leased Premises, and removal of tools, equipment and surplus materials not undertaken by the Contractor upon completion of the work shall be undertaken by the Owner at the Contractor's expense.
  6. Floors shall not be loaded beyond their designed capacity.  Building design live loads can be found in the base building structural drawings.  Drywall shall be stocked only over stub girders at column lines in piles not to exceed 12" in height.  No stockpiling of any material is permitted on cantilevered floor bays.  The Contractor shall immediately comply with any directions given by the Owner with respect to stockpiling and storage of materials and equipment.
  7. No floors shall be drilled or cut without the Owner's written approval.  Core drilling on all floors, subject always to the Owner's discretionary approval, shall be supervised by the Owner and shall require inspection by the Structural Engineer prior to drilling.
  8. There shall be no alterations to or interference with any installations which have been made by the Owner or others, and no part of the Building, specifically including any load bearing members, and curtain wall shall be cut, sleeved, drilled, punctured or otherwise interfered with, without the prior written approval of the Owner.
  9. All Contractor's work shall be performed only within Leased Premises.  Storage of dangerous or flammable materials anywhere in the Building's is not permitted.
  10. Only "Rawl Nailin Anchors" or low velocity "hilti" fasteners with a maximum penetration of 3/4" as provided by a "yellow" changer will be acceptable for anchorage to the Owner's floors.
  11. Customer's interior doors and partitions shall be constructed and installed only in accordance with the design and specifications contained in Design Standards, unless approved otherwise by Owner.
  12. The Contractor must install temporary filters over all return air duct inlets and over all perimeter conduction cabinets as required to facilitate proper functioning of all mechanical components.  Filters must be removed and/or replaced prior to customer occupancy.
  13. All ceiling tiles within Leased Premises shall be deemed to be in good condition at the commencement of the work.  The Contractor at his expense shall replace any ceiling tiles requiring replacement.
  14. No open flames for welding, cutting or other purposes are permitted without the prior written approval of the Owner.  If pressurized gas cylinders are used, the Contractor shall insure that such use is in accordance with requisite safety provision and requirements.  All welding shall be accomplished by a fire extinguisher.
  15. All doors, ceiling tiles, light fixtures and other reusable materials which are the property of the Owner and that are authorized by the Owner to be removed from the Leased Premises shall not be turned over to the Owner.
  16. Unnecessary noise resulting from the performance of the work is not permitted.  All core drilling and resetting required for construction of partition and electrical or plumbing work that interferes with neighboring customers is restricted to off-business hours prior to 8:00 am and after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and shall be undertaken only in accordance with directions of the Owner.
  17. During the course of the work the Contractor shall be responsible, to the extent necessitated by such work, for the safety of the Building, its occupants, and their workman and shall protect the same as required by good construction practice and law.  Contractor shall employ full time supervision at jobsite during the performance of any portion of the work.
  18. Should customers require that certain interior doors be lockable, the keys of such doors shall be tied into the Building master key system and coordinated with the Owner.  Contractor shall key locksets at all suite entry doors to building master at time of installation.
  19. Contractor will be responsible for the behavior of its employees and subcontractors employees.  Harassment and/or "teasing" of customers, occupants, guests and general public is specifically prohibited.

Use of Building Services:

The Contractor shall make arrangements directly with the Owner for the use of Building Services, particularly with respect to the following:

Hours of Work

Work shall be coordinated with Property Management at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of work and shall be subject to the reasonable rules and regulations of Property Management governing hours of work.  Any additional building services and/or security required as a result of off-business hours work shall be at the Contractor's costs.  Any work done after 6:00 p.m., a Contractor’s Access Form will need to be filled out and faxed the Management Office, 24 hours prior to work being done.

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